3 Rag Quilts in One Week–Why?

First, I scored some pretty flannel on sale AND with a coupon.  And Second, no matter what the question may be, quilts can be the answer.

I belong to a support group for women with gynecologic cancers, and for the past 3 years we have not lost a member.  That said, in the past 2 months two friends are entering the hospice and palliative care stage of their journeys.  That just stinks!!  No matter that advanced ovarian cancer rarely has a happy ending, I hate watching women who have come to mean a great deal to me walking that road. It’s also a stark reminder of what awaits all Ovca patients at some point.

Then my daughter let me know that her significant other’s mom is also in the hospital in serious condition.  What do I do?  I go to my sewing room.  Here are the results, and yes, my lint filter and my heart are both overflowing!!



4 thoughts on “3 Rag Quilts in One Week–Why?

  1. It’s both admirable and encouraging that you can turn your pain and rage at the unfairness of life into something useful, constructive and beautiful. I found quilting while I was in chemo gave me something to think about other than how crappy I was feeling, something that was within the scope of my exceptionally lame brain, and best of all, something beautiful to enjoy at the end of it all…

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