‘Changing’ For a Year

So, I follow this blog:  https://desertskyquilts.wordpress.com.  Today, desertsuz posted this:  https://desertskyquilts.wordpress.com/2015/07/20/penny-pinching-for-a-cause/, and I thought it might be a good idea to give it a try:

Val's Quilting Studio

Just in case I copied the button incorrectly and the link does not work, you can find Val’s Quilting Studio here:


Heaven knows I’ve got enough fabric to last until the next millennium, and I’ve already got several sewing machines, including an 1895 Singer treadle that belonged to my great-grandmother…..but I am sure I can find a quilty goal for my extra savings. Let’s see…how about an entire bolt of white and/or cream fabric so I’ll always have background fabrics on hand–OK that’s my goal.

I have to say that we already do save our change to help finance our Christmas spending. It’s stacked up (sometimes) neatly on our mantle until I can wrap it and take it to the bank.


I’ll have to come up with a creative way to save up for that fabric.

How about you?  What quilty thing would you like to save up for?


Foot 2 Freestyle Block Swap

Now that I know my blocks have arrived safely at their destination and I won’t spoil anyone’s surprise, I can post the photos of the first month’s swap for the F2F fun.

Each participant chooses a color scheme and all 12 of us make 3, 12″ finished size blocks and send them off.  By next May (when it’s my turn to receive the blocks) each participant will have 36 blocks to turn into a quilt of their own color choices.

The first month’s recipient chose backgrounds of gray or white, and coral, jadeite (a minty soft green) and/or mustard.  Here are the blocks I made and sent this month:


Although it looks washed out, the colors in the Ohio Star block are the same as in the other two blocks, which I found in Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks, and in Quilts from 100 blocks, a good source for anyone looking for block patterns to play with.

I’m looking forward to a year of quilting fun!

National Sewing Machine Day

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that today is National Sewing Machine Day. It gave me a good excuse to spend the day sewing. Not that I really need an excuse  but still…

To all my international quilting friends please feel free to share in the fun, even if you have to change the ‘official’ date due to different time zones.

Here’s how my Pfaff and I spent the day:



Roller Coaster Ride

In the three plus years since I was diagnosed, I’ve had more ups and downs than an elevator.  I’ve been sure I was dying, been sure I would live a good long time, and finally, I’m not sure of anything, except enjoying every day that comes my way.  Most days are great! I’ve been feeling well, can still get around, and mostly the news is stable.  Numbers go up, numbers come down, treatments come and go, side effects vary, but I’m still here and still upright!  We’ll take it.

I’m hoping the good news trend continues and that I’ll be able to post a lot more about quilting than about chemo.  I’ve been starting a lot of projects and even getting a few finished.  Photos soon!

3 Rag Quilts in One Week–Why?

First, I scored some pretty flannel on sale AND with a coupon.  And Second, no matter what the question may be, quilts can be the answer.

I belong to a support group for women with gynecologic cancers, and for the past 3 years we have not lost a member.  That said, in the past 2 months two friends are entering the hospice and palliative care stage of their journeys.  That just stinks!!  No matter that advanced ovarian cancer rarely has a happy ending, I hate watching women who have come to mean a great deal to me walking that road. It’s also a stark reminder of what awaits all Ovca patients at some point.

Then my daughter let me know that her significant other’s mom is also in the hospital in serious condition.  What do I do?  I go to my sewing room.  Here are the results, and yes, my lint filter and my heart are both overflowing!!


Back to Reality

My DH (Dear Husband, not designated hitter) and I just returned from a visit to sunny Arizona.  We spent a couple of days in beautiful Sedona then visited Goodyear as part of a travel tour to see some Spring Training baseball games at the Indians’ Goodyear ballpark.  It was a great trip–and what did I bring back as a souvenir?  (Other than a couple of neat baseball shirts, of course)–Fabric!!  I found some fat quarters in a Sedona quilt shop that depicted the beautiful red rock formations, and added some navies and grays for a quilt I’m working on for my son from a Goodyear quilt shop.  Ladies at both shops told me there is a large quilting community in their areas, even though they are located in either desert or high desert areas.

I’ll post some pictures of my treasures soon, along with what I hope to accomplish with them.

Stable is Good

I had a follow-up CT scan a couple of weeks ago.  If you’re on the cancer journey, you can probably relate to the nervousness between the actual scan and getting the results.  Those nagging doubts crawl into your brain and won’t let go…there will be something there……..it won’t be good news……..how will I deal with that?

Turns out that nothing new showed up on my scan.  Doc is happy, I’m happy and whew!!  I’m definitely not cancer-free, but what’s there is stabilized and I can live with this as long as we can continue to come up with treatments that manage to keep it this way.